Friday, April 28, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 6 Results

64 players, a little bit rainy/moist but a decent night overall.

The last groups from the General were late coming in again and we are going to try to address this so we are not all waiting around at the end of the evening.

ACE: David Rich hole #10 on The Hill.
Pro Pool: Travis Milem $30
Handicap: John Murin Jr $28

We will be adjusting the divisional pools this weekend which means you will be moved up a division if your average scores dictate the need to do so. The first 6 weeks are a free period so you won't be docked any points for this move. We will  be doing another division check after 12 weeks and points will be docked a little since it's easier to score points in the lower divisions. The percentage increased throughout the year.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 5 Results

65 players, light rain on and off throughout the round, turned heavy as the night was finishing. 

The last group from General was late coming in, we think this is because an early group from 12 got around to 1 before they started. We'll be telling early groups that go out to watch out if they loop around to 1 or 9 before or at 5pm, to look for groups that are starting and let them play through.

ACE: Aaron Little hole #11 on The Hill.
Pro Pool: Christopher Collette $50
Handicap: Casey White $14

Next week we'll be moving to our final start times: 5pm General, 5:30 Hill (5:20 sign-in). We will probably say if you want a 4-some on the General you need to go out by 4:30. 3-somes after that for 1 more week.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 4 Results

Weather was looking iffy but the rain moved out just in time and it ended up being pretty nice! We had 65 players and we finished in plenty of time so we can continue moving the start time up another 15 minutes so Hill tee off is 5:15pm (be checked in by 5:10pm) and the General cuts off at 5pm.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - Dean Slowey Hill hole #2

Ace pot #1 at $0 plus next weeks money in

Chris Collette took down the $50 pro pool and Casey White won the $18 handicap pool.

Please check this link and email if you wish to move into a different pool. We will be moving players up divisions in a few weeks. That link also provides your current handicap.



Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 3 Results

Weather that wasn't completely awful brought out a crowd of 63 players tonight! Forecast for next week looks sweet so hopefully that stays nice. We will be moving the start time up another 15 minutes so Hill tee off is 5pm (be checked in by 4:55pm) and the General cuts off at 4:45pm.

Thanks for helping us shuffle several players around the course at the last minute. More players opted for the general than expected so we had to fill out some twosomes on the hill.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none

Ace pot #1 at $132 plus next weeks money in

Bob Kulchuk took down the $40 pro pool and John Murin Jr won the $11 handicap pool.



Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 2 Results

Conditions improved a bit over the first week and so did attendance. We ended up with 57 players. I sincerely hope that the storm that is forecast for tomorrow and Saturday is a dud and that warm weather rolls in soon. 

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none

Ace pot #1 at $76 plus next weeks money in

Aaron Little took down the $40 pro pool and Paul Sales won the $12 handicap pool.



Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 1 Results

44 players toughed out the cold and windy conditions to start the new season. Not too shabby! Couple bumps in the system but overall it was a success. Hoping for some better weather next week. 

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none

Ace pot #1 at $33 plus next weeks money in

Aaron Little took down the $50 pro pool and Michelle Vega won the $11 handicap pool.



Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League Starts This Wednesday!

I know this is lengthy but we have a pretty complex league going on here! Please do read it all if you plan to play this year. I’ll start off by asking that if you haven’t purchased your tag yet this year please sign in a bit earlier. It takes a few minutes to get a user account going and we can’t start late at this time of the year. Please also pay close attention to the sign in screen as you check in as it will give you your specific hole assignment along with optional side pot entry. It’s pretty much the same system as late year as far as the user can see aside from the optional side pots.

See ya on Wednesday!!

The Wednesday Weekly returns on March 22nd. Come get your 2017 bag tag and be signed in and ready to go by 4:10pm (4:00pm for The General). This was once again the most popular league in New England last year (2,213 golfers came out) and we are aiming to improve league again this year so come join the fun.  We are working behind the scenes to improve the automated system and add a few more options and bonuses into the league.

Biggest improvements this year will be:

You have the option to pick up your winnings or bank the winnings to be paid at the end of the year.

We are eliminating the Women’s Division and will be adding a D pool. All players will be entered into a division by average. You can always play up divisions if you wish. See below for divisional breakdown.

You had the option to prepay for the year @ $150. This price includes the tag fee so you save $ if you come to at least 26 weeks of league which over 30 of you did last year.

There will be an optional handicap pool open to all players and the person with the best handicapped score winning all of the money ($1 entry and we expect 20-30 people to enter each week). If 30 or more players enter than we may pay out 2 spots.

There will be an optional high stakes pool @ $10 per player (open to all players). We expect that 10 people or so will enter each week so shoot the hot score among those 10 people and win $100. 

Bill Bertera, Tim Seiger, Aaron Little and Luke Adolph will rotate running league. This will  keep everyone fresh and flexible. If you see Bill, Tim or Aaron please thank them for keeping league afloat because I couldn’t continue in the previous format alone.

We will tighten up hole assignments

We will also put many, many back end improvements into place to make management of this league feasible. Give Tim the biggest hug ever when you see him.. 

• Wednesdays, starting March 22nd
• Initial cost: $20 for a 2017 tag.

• You can purchase a season pass with a tag for $150 until February 27th.  

• Four player pools (A/B/C/D) – Your pool placement will be based on your average score.
Anything under 56.99 and under = A Pool
57 through 62.99 = B Pool
63 through 69.99 = C pool
Anything 70 and over = D Pool
These #'s are for scores on The Hill

• A weekly divisional cash payout, an ace pot (capped at $250, will roll over to additional pots if needed.) and a season long points event. Lots of raffle prizes at end of the year including some big-ticket items. You can pick up your winnings that night or bank winnings for the payment at the end of the year.

• Players opting to play on The General will receive a handicap. The handicap will be based on last two years of data with over 4,000+ rounds considered.

• 31 weeks of league play (last day is Wednesday October 18th)


• One round of singles

• If you leave before tags are redistributed, get someone to grab it for you or risk us losing it. Alternatively, you can grab the highest #'s tag available on the board before you leave.

• Tags are in play for casual rounds and tournaments. Higher tag can challenge a lower tag and under most circumstances, lower tag must accept.

• The auto generated hole assignments are an integral part of keeping league running on time. Please report to your assigned hole at the appropriate time.

• If there are no aces for 2017, we will throw off for it at the Bonanza.

• There will be a year-end Bag Tag Bonanza to end the season. For tag holders only! Date is Saturday October 28th.

• Lots of raffle prizes at the Bag Tag Bonanza. Earn raffle tickets by attending league, hitting an ace. The more you play the better your chances of winning are!

Weekly base cost

• Tagholder: $5 -
$2.25 payout, $1 course funds, $.75 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout.

• Non-Tagholder: $7 -
$2.25 payout, $3 course funds, $.75 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout

Players without a tag aren’t eligible to win the full ace pot, won’t earn raffle entries and cannot attend the Bag Tag Bonanza.

Women’s pool entry is always $5.00 though same restrictions apply on ace pot, bonanza for non tagholders.

Prepaid Season Cost

• $150 which includes a 2017 tag and prepaid entry to all 31 Wednesday League nights. 5 weeks of savings if you attend every week.

Optional Pots

• $1 handicap pot league wide (1 or 2 winners per night, depending on # of entrants)
• $10 high stakes pot (1 or 2 winners per night, depending on # of entrants)

You can pick up your winnings that night or bank winnings for the payment at the end of the year for each of these pots.

Points Series Rules
• We will track points for each player & post the up to date standings on this discussion thread
• A, B, C & D Pools will have separate standings
• 1st place in A/B/C/D pool gets 5 points and $
• 2nd place in A/B/C/D pool gets 4 points and $
• 3rd place in A/B/C/D pool gets 3 points and $
• 4th place in A/B/C/D pool gets 2 points and $
• 5th place in A/B/C/D pool gets 1 point and $
• Everyone gets 1 point for playing (you can accumulate up to 25 attendance points)
• If you move up a division at any point in the season your points/standings will stay behind in your previous division and you will compete in the new pool for the nightly payouts, etc. New points earned in the higher division are added to your lower pool points.
• Top 3 point earners in each division (or more) will win a cash prize at the end of the season. 
• Other ways to gain a point - hit an ace

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hill Yeah Spring Classic April 1 & 2, 2017

Tournament Information

The Hill Yeah Spring Classic 5 - Registration Opens February 28th @ 8pm!
Hosted and Sponsored by Hawk's Nest Disc Golf
This will be your first chance to play the NEW HILL BASKET LOCATIONS!
In between the first and second round we'll move the baskets! This means you'll be one of the first people to ever play the new HARDER basket locations!

What other exciting changes will come with the new Hawk's Nest?
Will Sam Henderson sweep the Devens series again?
Will the new basket locations favor a new challenger?

Tournament Details
Saturday, April 1st - Pros and Advanced(Am1)
Sunday, April 2nd - All other divisions (Intermediate/AM2, Novice, Recreational, etc)

Registration Links Coming Soon!

Devens DGC – The Hill - Devens, MA
NEFA Points Event (though you do not have to be a NEFA member to play)
TD: Chris Collette -

Two rounds of singles - stroke play, 72 golfers max
8:00am - Sign in
9:10am - Players meeting
9:30am - Shotgun start

Entry Fees:
* $50 Pros - Men's Open, Women's Open, Masters, Grandmasters
* $30 (Am1) Advanced AMs - Advanced, Women, Masters, Grandmasters
* $25 (Am2) Intermediate AMs - Men and Women
* $25 (Am3) Recreational & Junior
* $1 NEFA Online Registration fee and the PayPal fee will be added to your entry fee
* $2 ace pot (sign up and pay day of)

Donations of any size are appreciated to assist with the cost of trophies and various small expenses. Any help will make the payouts larger. CTP Prize donations are also welcome

Hole Sponsorships:
* We are looking for hole sponsorships in the amount of $10.00. Pick your starting hole. Groups will be done by division wherever possible if; for example, an AM1 player chooses hole 13, only other AM1 players will be able to choose that hole.

Please note that parking could be very tight on tournament day as there may be soccer matches in the field throughout the day. We will likely be there before them but we must leave some room. Please carpool if you can and also be responsible during lunch, etc. as their may be lots of children around. This potentially limits us to field practice before anyone else shows up. Please do not throw in the field if any soccer players are on any portion of it.

Players Packs:
* All amateurs will get (at least) a disc as part of their player's pack. Stay tuned for more details!

* All Pros are playing for a 1st place trophy & close to 100% cash payout within their division (only deducting cost of trophy and $1 NEFA fee Per Player)
* All amateurs are playing for a 1st place trophy & Hawk's Bucks for Hawks Nest Disc Golf! Available to spend just around the corner at the conclusion of the awards ceremony
* We will be paying out based on the PDGA recommendations 
* As usual, there will be lots of CTP prizes!

Devens Pizza or another local sub/pizza shop will be taking orders during registration and will deliver during lunch. Cash only for lunch sales

* Marriott Suites is 2 minutes away.
* Ayer Motor Inn is 3 minutes away. 
* Holiday Inn in Fitchburg is about 15 minutes away

* If you can't make it, let us know on or before end of the day on April 16th (Saturday night at midnight) and you'll get a full refund.
* If you do not show on game day, you won't get anything back or get a player pack (even if you send an email or call that morning). Thank you for sponsoring the tournament!

Drop me a line at if you wish to get added to the waitlist. I’ll request payment closer to the event if you get in off the waitlist.

Contact Chris Collette at 978-490-7201 (text preferred) or email me at

If you have a truck please help drive golfers down the road to holes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, & 17

2017 Devens Wednesday Weekly Tags Available This Weekend!

Tags will be available at the Hawks Nest beginning on Saturday February 18th @ 10am. 

$20 each or $150 for a full season pass including tag. More information on the season pass here. You will be asked for your name, pool information and email address when you purchase a tag. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Introducing the 2017 Devens League Pass!

Introducing the 2017 Devens League Pass!

For $150 you will receive entry into all 31 weeks of Wednesday League and you will receive your 2017 Bag Tag as well. This is a $175 value and if you look back at the past season over 30 people would have saved money with this option.

Please paypal the money (using the Friends and Family option) to with your name & preferred divisional pool designation for the upcoming season and we will email you a personalized league certificate as a keepsake or perhaps a stocking stuffer! Your tag will be waiting for you at the Hawks Nest Disc Golf shop on Main Street in Ayer beginning in early February. Alternatively, you can purchase your 2017 bag tag ($20) or season pass ($150) at the Hawks Nest Disc Golf shop in Ayer at that time as well.

All players who purchase a 2017 season pass will be eligible for a special raffle at the Bonanza. The prize? A free 2018 season pass, of course!

The discounted season pass will be offered until Sunday February 27th.

If you're a disc golfer and someone has recently asked you what you wanted for the holidays here is your answer.

We have a great season in store for you with lots of improvements planned for the new season. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Workdays This Weekend - Installing Alt Basket Sleeves

Who wants to build a new disc golf course at Devens?

Well here is your opportunity to help. It may not be a whole new course, but we are planning to install alternate pin positions for all 18 holes on The Hill in time to use them for Hill Yeah 2017 (or sooner). This weekend we begin.

Digging holes and installing new sleeves is a relatively quick process. We need a few volunteers to help this Saturday or Sunday (we will work both days). Even if you are playing Team Challenge one day, come on out the other to help (I hear there’s food).

If you have been meaning to help out, but have not been able to, this is a good opportunity to contribute. Please post here if you can help. We will start at 9am each day. Meet at the Hawk's Nest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Thanks to everyone for coming to the Bag Tag Bonanza on Sunday! As usual, this event was really fun for me to run and I hope everyone else had a good time as well. Aside from the wind the weather was pretty good too!  It's always great to celebrate a successful year and this year was no exception. We continue to grow and the automated sign in and score reporting system worked really well overall and we look forward to working on improvements in the off season. Also, next year we will have 4 people running league on a rotation. Tim Seiger, Aaron Little, Bill Bertera and I will be running things.  

Bag Tag Bonanza Results

Season Winners:

A Pool
1st Aaron Little - 103 points - $175
2nd Frank Strauss - 76 points - $125 
3rd Bill Bertera - 75 points - $75

B Pool
1st Casey White - 98 points $75
2nd Jesse Cleary - 88 points $50
3rd Ben Maxwell - 73 points $25

C Pool
1st Sean Coyne - 99 points - $60
2nd Don Tucker - 89 points - $30
3rd Brett Reynolds - 63 points $20

Womens Pool
1st Ashley Toomey - 81 points - $75 
2nd Kelly Jenkins - 78 points - $50
3rd Jacki Bogan - 44 points - $25

CTP  Prizes:
(18 players won $15 in Hawks Bills plus a discl!)


Large raffle items:
Be Dynamic Banner - John Buonsanto
Mini Recruit - Kristina Draeger
Marksman Basket - Peter Simone
Recruit Basket - Don Cleary

Ace pot got up to $145 and since no one hit an ace during the round we had a throw off and split the pot 3 ways. (Justin Harradon, ? & ?)

Here is a list of winnings that are available for pick up at the Hawks Nest:

Chris Pickering - Discraft Heat and hat
Steve Wood - Discraft Thrasher and a hat
Alex Gorman - Ice Cube Open disc and a hat
Jim Robinson - Choice of Tshirt
Joe Yaskis - Choice of Tshirt
Jamie Salamone - Legacy Gauge and a mini
Alex Gorman - Vibram Vamp and a mini
Ryan Goodwin - Legacy Ghost and a $15 certificate to Hawks Nest

Here is a list of people I still owe money too for banked league winnings. I can leave at the nest or paypal you. Get back to me with your preference.

Nicki MacLean $7
Alex Ivanov $13
Andrew Ellis $6
Austin Stewart $27
Bill Marcin $2
Brian Allen $5
Chris Duffy $15
Clayton Fahey $44
David Rich $30
Jeff Furbush $9
Jim Robinson $5
Josh Jenkins $5
Lee Chiang $2
Mark Sobota $93
Mat Sanders $8
Mike Walsh $5
Nick Glendenning $7
Steve Wood $5
Tim Kendall $12
Tim Walsh $8

Friday, October 21, 2016

Devens Bag Tag Bonaza - This Sunday October 23rd

This is lengthy but please do read if you are coming to the Bonanza!

Reminder that the 2016 Bag Tag Bonanza is going to take place on Sunday October 23rd. All 2016 bag tag holders are invited to attend. We will play one final league round of 24 holes (Bonanza Loop, 1-7 on Hill, 13,14,15 General, 10,11,12 General then 8-18 Hill). The courses will be closed to all others until about 12:30pm on Sunday the 23rd.

Register between 8am and 9am on Sunday morning. I’ll be set up across the street from the soccer field.

The cost is the usual $5 and you should sign in as usual for a league night and we will provide Pizza/Cookies/Drinks. Participants also receive a Trilogy Custom stamped disc. I got 100 of them and they are really sweet! We got:

Classic Judge, Classic Blend Wardens, Lucid Felon, Fuzion Emac Truth, Fuzion Escape, Opto Ballista, Opto AIR Ballista, Gold River, BT Medium Harp and VIP Harp

Custom stamp image and event flyer below.

$15 Hawk Nest Gift Certificate + a disc on every single Hill hole and over 100 raffle items. In case you didn't know those who purchase tags receive a raffle entry for each league they attend.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$)
Pot will start with $48 at the Bonanza and we will throw off for a 2 or 3 way split of the pot if it does not get hit.

Banked nightly payouts – We will have these ready for pick up on Sunday morning. If you can’t get to the Bonanza I’ll contact you after the event to figure out a way to get the money to you. Amounts are posted in the Averages sheet.  

Ashley Toomey
Chantal Gipson
Kim Krieser
Lee Marshall
Michelle Vega
Nicki MacLean
Angel Vega
Austin Stewart
Bill Bertera
Andrew Ellis
Bill Marcin
Alex Ivanov
Bill Pacheco
Bob Taylor
Brandon Bowen
Brett Reynolds
Brian Allen
Brian McNulty
Chris Duffy
Clayton Fahey
Damon Pierce
David Rich
Donnie Phillips
Doug Callaghan
Eric Wilson
Erik Osvold
Frank Strauss
Jared Reincke
Jeff Furbush
Jeremy Draeger
Jim MacRae
Jim Robinson
John Murin Jr
Josh Jenkins
Josh St. Denis
Justin Harradon
Justin Kent
Ken Gary
Kevin Cocci
Lee Chiang
Logan Kuzmitch
Mark Sobota
Mat Sanders
Mike Walsh
Nathan Webb
Ned Eisenberg
Nick Glendenning
Rob Walker
Roger Scruton
Ryan Shevlin
Sam Misuraca
Sean Parlon
Steve Wood
Taylor Maslowski
Tim Humphrey
Tim Reilly
Tim Kendall
Tim Seiger
Tim Walsh
Travis Milem
Trevor Jenkins
Zach Taylor

As of week 31 we have had 2213 players. That's an average of 71.39 per night. We've sold 173 tags and have had 221 unique players. The following players have ended the year with perfect attendance:

Sam Misuraca (5 years)
Jesse Cleary  (1 year)
Joe DeCarolis (3 years)
Dean Onners (4 years)
Bill Bertera (1 year)
Aaron Little (1 year)

I've got a $10 Hawk Bills certificate for each of you as a thank you for you unwavering dedication!

Points leaders will be playing on a card with each other. I’ll preregister each of those players to ensure they end up on the same card if you can’t make it please let me know:

C pool card hole 11 Hill – Sean Coyne, Don Tucker, Brett Reynolds, Bill Pacheco (all confirmed)
B pool card hole 13 Hill – Casey White, Jesse Cleary, Ben Maxwell, Jeremy Draeger (all confirmed)
A pool card hole 1 Hill – Aaron Little, Frank Strauss, Bill Bertera, Alex Gula (all confirmed)
W pool card hole 17 Hill – Kelly Jenkins, Jacki Bogan, Kristina Draeger (all confirmed)

The winner of each pool will receive a sweet trophy made by Bob Kulchuk!

Current Pool Leaders -

A pool:
Aaron Little - 98 - 1ST Place
Frank Strauss - 76 - Trying to lock up 2nd
Bill Bertera - 72 - Chasing 2nd

Only Marc Sobota could catch 3rd but I don't think he will be traveling from North Carolina for the Bonanza so the top 3 is set! Frank and Bill are fighting for 2nd.

B pool:
Casey White - 98 - 1ST Place
Jesse Cleary - 88 - 2ND Place
Ben Maxwell - 71 - Trying to lock up 3rd
Greg McWilliams - 70 - Chasing 3rd

Casey and Jesse are locked into the 1st and 2nd spots and Ben and Greg are fighting for 3rd.

C pool:
Sean Coyne - 94 - Lock for 1st or 2nd
Don Tucker - 89 - Lock for 1st or 2nd
Brett Reynolds - 63 - 3RD Place

Don could potentially catch Sean but Don would need to win C pool at Bonanza and Sean would need to place in 6th or worse. Both are a lock for either 1st or 2nd. Brett is a lock for 3rd

Womens Pool:
Ashley Toomey - 81 - 1ST Place
Kelly Jenkins - 75 - 2ND Place
Jacki Bogan - 44- 3RD Place

Would take multiple aces by Kelly and Kristina to shake up the ladies division

Raffle Winners:
Here is the list of raffle winners for the smaller items. This year we did the raffle mostly in chunks to help with shirt sizes and disc weight, etc. You can pick your prize(s) up during registration so show up early to get the best selection in prizes within your lot.

I did the raffle winners using an excel formula (video evidence is available, if needed) in an effort to save time during awards. We will still do a “pick up number” system for the large items and maybe a few smaller additions as well but this should save some time.

CTP Winners:
Every hole on the Hill has a CTP on it. Each prize is $15 Hawk Bills and the choice of a disc. Womens division will get first crack at the discs followed by the holes in order. Each division has 5 holes to shoot for.

Random Notes:
Check in using the normal league system. Only use “The Hill” when checking in.
If you get a hole with a “G” next to it, that’s a General hole. All others are Hill.
Please bring in CTP flag on your ending hole (only on the Hill)
Get there early for best selection on player pack discs and raffle prize choices.
Banked nightly payouts will be available during registration

Awards Structure:
Ace Pot throw off, if needed
Final League round (Payout, Tag distribution)
Perfect Attendance
Season Winners (Money, Trophy)

Raffle (ipad pick a number 1 – 2,129 )