Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Changes to Tonight's League Round

League tonight and the weather doesn't look so hot. As of right now, I'm planning on setting up league central out of the shed near the practice basket.

Given the weather, it would be great to get in and get out tonight so let's plan to bank all payouts and skip the skills challenge tonight. I've also set BOTH courses to trickle start with a waiting room (like we normally do for the General) so cards for both courses can form and go directly out to play. Since we won't be gathering after the round, we won't be taking in tags as you sign in. You can still enter your tag # when you sign in or just leave it blank.

Submit your scores via the DG League wifi system and head home. I'll post results tonight since there won't be any wrap up on site.

The last General groups can go out at 5pm and the last Hill groups can go out at 5:25pm

If the weather looks to be severe, we can discuss canceling the round.

Ace pot # 1 starts fresh again tonight.