Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 10 Results

65 players last night. We had some great weather and some hot shooting! Things seemed to run super smooth and we were driving out of there at a record early time.

We will be shifting the Hill into the Alt basket positions this Sunday and we will be playing the Hill on those alts next week @ league. We haven't been able to properly set the course handicap so in an effort to gather as much course data as possible we will only be playing the Hill. The General will not be open for league play next week. It will be mixed groups and a shotgun start of 5:30pm. Please be checked in before 5:20pm. If we end up with more than 72 players we will add some 5somes into the mix. We should have enough daylight for this.

John Buonsanto - Hole 11 Hill $98
(pot is  back at $0)

Pro Pool: Chris Collette $60
Handicap: Damon Pierce $16