Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday Weekly League - Week 7 Results

Another big night with 101 players joining us for league! 

Last night went pretty smooth with only 1  or 2 issues. I'm gonna keep these next few paragraphs on the wrap up for the next few weeks though.

With the record numbers comes the need for more cooperation from the players. PLEASE use the automated system to check in and report scores. Tim and I should really only be used to enter accept cash/mark you as paid/add new players/sell tags and form groups for The General during check in and then to hand out tags and read off names at the end of the night. The league purchased a small tablet which will be on the table for you to use if you don't have your own smartphone. It's super easy to sign in and report scores and your cooperation can only help to improve the league..

We also took away the ability to form your own group on the General via the phone wifi page. Tim and I will do that for you as having players form the card caused a few issues. Basically, make sure all players in your group are signed into the virtual waiting room and paid, then come see tim or I and let us know which 4 players will  be in your group and we will form the card and assign a hole. 

Please also start from the hole in which you were assigned. We consider all sorts of things when running a league of this size and course flow is extremely important. We place people on the course in way designed to provide the best course flow and we appreciate your cooperation as all 100 of us can't start on hole 1. 

We will move the starting time up to 5:30 going forward (cut off 30 minutes earlier for General)

See ya next week.

ACES (worth additional point in standings & $$) - none
Ace pot #1 at $156 + next weeks money in