Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Bag Tag Bonanza - Saturday October 25th

The 2014 league season is winding down and what a year it has been! With just 1 week left we have had 1,769 players for an average of about 59 per night when you include all weeks even going back to the 4:15pm starts in March and all of the recent earlier starts.  We also have had 180 individual players this year and have sold 128 tags. These are all incredible stats and huge improvements over last year and I hope we finish the year strong as well!  We will be working hard in the offseason to figure out a way to get more people onto the course(s) for league next year as we are pretty much maxed out now. 

We have 2 tags left for sale if you want to play in the Bag Tag Bonanza you will need to be a 2014 tag holder to do so. I'll have the remaining tags for sale at league on Wednesday so put that $20 aside and see me.

Speaking of the 2014 Bag Tag Bonanza. You can register now at . The entry fee and payout structure will be the same as a typical league but given that we are buying lunch for everyone it will be helpful to have you pre register.  The format for the day will be one round on The Hill with perhaps a few extra holes from The General thrown in as well (more on that part later). We will have a lunch consisting of pizza/cookies/chips/soda/water followed by season ending point standings awards and we will also give away all of the raffle prizes at this time as well. In case you didn't know, each time you come to league you are entered into the year end raffle for some pretty cool prizes such as a high end bag,  basket and several gift certificates to the Hawks Nest among some other small prizes. The more you came to league the better the chance you have of walking away a winner. How often did you come? 

After the final round, lunch and awards we can play some random dubs!

Did I mention that each participant of the Bonanza will be getting a custom stamped Dynamic Disc as a player pack? That alone is triple the value of the $5.00 registration fee which all goes towards payout/CTP/Ace Pot as usual anyway. FREE LUNCH as well! 

We will be paying out three spots in each division:

Womens Pool -
1st $75
2nd $50
3rd $25

A Pool - 
1st $175
2nd $125
3rd $85

B Pool - 
1st $75
2nd $50
3rd $25

C Pool - 
1st $60
2nd $30
3rd $20

Here are the top contenders in each division:

A Pool:
John Buonsanto 59 (lock for 1st or 2nd)
Ken Gary 52
Andy Duquette 45
Cooper Arnold 44
Aaron Little 44
Luke Adolph 43
Aaron Stewart 38.16
Bill Bertera 37
Dean Onners 37

B Pool:
Avery Sartelle 59.16
Nick Erickson 57
Moe Ryan 55
Ed Legenza 52

C Pool:
JD Killoran 58 (lock for 1st)
Bill Marcin 44 (lock for 2nd or 3rd)
Steve Banatoski 36
Ben Geddes 31
Brian Hagen 28
Jesse Cleary 27

Womens Pool (payouts set!):
Ashley Toomey 100 1ST
Jacki Bogan 59 2ND
Kim Krieser 38 3RD

There are 8 points still up for grabs along with CTP and Ace points so make sure you come out and finish strong! 

We will also have a prize for each player who had perfect attendance this year. 

Those still in the running for perfect attendance are:
Joe DeCarolis 
Josh St. Denis
Luke Adolph
Dean Onners
Sam Misuraca (if Sam comes to the last league on Wednesday he will have made it through 3 straight seasons without missing a league.)

Thank you for your dedication this year guys! 

So let's recap:

Over $1800 towards end of the year season standings payout and all of the various prizes
A custom stamped player pack disc for all
Free Lunch
About $3,000.00 in total going into this event!!!

Go here for all info on standings, etc.