Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bag Tag Bonanza - Saturday October 25th

In just a few shorts weeks we will need to start whittling back the start time for league. We lose daylight pretty fast in September and a quick check of the sunset times for October says we can only run league until October 9th and that last day might have to be limited to 54 players for speed of play as well. That means there are only 9 league nights left and we will have played 31 in total.

I'm starting to put together plans for our annual end of the year Bag Tag Bonanza and I will be stepping up the prizes big time this year. Because you continue to come out in droves we have really stacked the pot in a huge way. Each week, when you pay your $5 I put aside $1 towards the Bonanza fund. I am estimating that we will have about 1,775 players at league this year(1,325 so far) so immediately there is almost $1800 in the Bonanza pot.  The course will kick in about $1200 bucks as well to bring the total to $3000 set aside for this event. 

You will need to pay the usual $5 to play in the Bonanza and all of that money will be paid out as usual with payout by pool, CTP $, ace pot, etc. We will probably have to do this as an online preregistration as we have to limit the event to 72 players and of course, only tag holders will be invited to play. 

The event will be one round of singles followed by final tag distribution and payout for that days play. We will provide lunch for all (Pizza, chips, cookies, soda, water, etc). There will be additional CTP prizes and a huge raffle for some big ticket items such as a high end bag, portable basket and several gift certificates to the Hawks Nest among some other small prizes..  You will be entered into the raffle as many times as you have come out to league. So if you have come out to every league this year you will have 31 raffle tickets in the mix..  

Of course, this is limited to tag holders only so if you haven't purchased your tag yet you should probably do so at league this week. I have 10 left and each tag costs $20.

So let's recap:

Over $1800 towards end of the year season standings payout and all of the various prizes
A custom stamped player pack disc for all
Free Lunch

I'll open registration in late September so mark Saturday October 25th on your calendar make sure you register quickly on the night registration begins!

Go here for all info on standings, etc.