Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tiffany Caban Fundraiser

Forwarding a post by Josh:

ATTENTION fellow disc golfers. We have a fundraiser going for a disc golf family member. We are going to be raffling of many prizes of all kinds. 
The big prize is the ultimate disc golf weekend package. This includes a two night stay at the Marriott on devens along with a 1 our golf lesson at the red tail golf club from there local pro. It also includes a 35$ gift certificate to devens bar and grill located right next to the hotel. This also comes with a free lunch at devens pizza located right next to the hawks nest. Don't think we forgot about your lady friend, we also got her two 25$ gift certificates to a local spa, and a free pedicure at Owens Jacobs in down town air. Almost forgot, there is also a 15$ gift certificate to dans place. Which is also located next to the hawks nest. 
Our second prize is an almost complete vibrAM player pack which includes the unreleased solace,very rare glow ridge, a vibram tote bag fills with minis and stickers including a stone mini from American stone craft.and a vibram pullover jacket.
Our third prize which is still absolutely amazing is a rare piece of disc golf artwork by Jeff Gaither. On top of that we have an eight disc pack including a disc jam roc and disc died by Eleanor.
There are so many prizes being donated I am sure all of these prize packs will grow. We will be selling these eagle tickets at the haws nest and at devens league for the next three weeks. Other local leagues will be selling these raffle tickets also.
1 ticket for 5$
3 tickets for 10$
An arms length of tickets for 25$
Thank you in advance for all the donated raffle prizes and for you willingness to help a fellow disc golfer.