Saturday, May 24, 2014

28 Chain Salute - Less Than a Week Away!

Wow - just spent a whirlwind day prepping for the tournament next weekend..  Started the day at 7:30am wrapping up this week league results, etc and worked straight through until 9pm with tourney prep stuff. You guys are lucky I like you =)

So, everything is coming together pretty well. I was a little overwhelmed when I realized I miscalculated some expenses and the entry fee's barely covered expenses. I thought I wasn't going to have any extra money to add in any CTPs so I put the word out and boy did you all deliver! I think having CTPs on every hole is important and we now have some really cool stuff to give away so thank you to those who sponsored holes and donated prizes.   We envisioned this as a fundraiser for the course and if all stays as it is right now we would be donating about $150 to the course! We will have a pretty awesome pack of discs for our hole sponsors to shoot for as well!

We have also had lots of people offer to help with the tourney so we should have a few spotters, etc. and lots of general helpers. The course is long but the day should still go smoothly! I confirmed 4 transportation trucks today and I will make up some A/B/C/D signs for each truck so you know which truck to get in for your starting hole. Some holes are going to be a required walk. Since the holes are all located pretty far away from tourney central (in the usual spot near the practice basket and entrance to hole 1 on The Hill) I will allow plenty of time for everyone to get out to their holes. Some of you may be waiting a little longer than usual to start but it is for the greater good.  We had thought about driving the trucks up to the middle of the course but it's a little dangerous with lots of overhanging branches so most holes will have a bit of a walk even if you take a truck out.

The big news is that an extremely dedicated group of volunteers installed all 18 tee boxes and flypads this month. These are really awesome and they are one of the many reasons I am proud to be part of the Devens DGC family.

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