Monday, November 11, 2013

Big Work Weekend!

Devens Work Weekend - Nov. 16/17th - The General!

Ok Devens, another work weekend is before us. If we get done what we plan to do, we could see baskets in the ground real real soon. So clear your calendars and get rid of those well-worn excuses and come on out. Here is the plan:

Saturday – finish cutting in fairways on last 3½ fairways. The usual chainsaw people will be there (right?). Everyone else, work gloves and help clear debris off the fairways. We will meet at 9am to start. If you come later and want to meet us, early on you can follow the road below the current course hole 9. Later morning onward take the road left past current hole 6 and look to the left or downhill from hole 7 basket/8 tee. 

We will also be clearing smaller brush areas on already cut holes after we finish clearing the new holes.

Sunday – Vic is arranging to bring in a wood chipper to process the woodpiles. Meet at 9 am to start. We need people to bring wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes to move woodchips to the pin areas. If you have these supplies, but need a way to get them to the course, please post and I hope those with pickup trucks can swing by. If we get done with piles on the new course, we may be able to chip on the current course to add woodchips below a number of worn basket areas (1,18, 10 would be great). This could really help out the current course so try to get out to help.

We will also be setting the new basket sleeves in the ground for the existing holes.

We also need some clearing of the high tree ceiling on hole 7. If anyone can climb and cut branches, we need you now. This work requires about 10 limbs that are too high for a pole saw to come down. Someone experienced is needed.

The weather is looking like it is going to cooperate. Look forward to seeing a lot of people this weekend. It may be the last large-scale work effort before this course is playable.