Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Devens Tip Line

Just got a hot tip on the idiots who rolled our nice tables down the hill.

Someone was waiting in the parking lot for a buddy when 2 guys in their early 20s driving a late model gray pontiac grand am arrived and headed out onto the course to play. The friend arrived and they went out onto the course and they were about 3-4 holes behind the 2 young guys. They heard a loud crash and when they finished hole 9 they noticed what had happened. The people who rolled the tables were nowhere to be found and they think they played through 9 then rolled the tables on 10 and 13 on their way out.

Anyone know a disc golfer that fits this description? If so, maybe you can encourage them to come to a future workday so they can understand the amount of work that goes into a course for their enjoyment...