Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Wednesday Weekly League

The start of the 2013  Wednesday Weekly League is less than one week away! Yes!!! We will start the season rain, shine or piles of snow but it would be helpful if we could all get out there with our hair dryers =)
 For those of you have attended the league before here are the adjustments for this season. Just hoping to make it a little more fair for all involved. Full details below as well.
3 Player Pools instead of 2.
Less money into CTP prizes
More money into end of the year payout and bonanza player pack. B/C pool payouts at end of year will be a bit smaller.
Players will be moved up based on average score for this year with a slight reduction of their points for earning them in a lesser skilled pool.
Additional season points will be awarded for Aces/CTPs/Skills Challenge.
Unfortunately, Ace tags will need to be rethought. If you earned one last year. Hold on to it because it is now a collectors item.
Heres a look at the what the 2013 tags look like:
For new players, here are all of the details:
The Wednesday Weekly returns on March 13th. Come get your 2013 bag tag and be ready to go by 4:15. This was the most popular singles league in Massachusetts last year (nearly 1,000 golfers came out) and I am aiming to make it bigger and better this year so come join the fun.

We use league as our primary fundraiser to help pay our yearly insurance bill. We make it fun for all, so don't worry that you have to be an all-star to have a good time. We group players into three groups based on skill, so you'll always be competing with someone about as good as you.

• Three player pools (A pool for players who average 58 and under, B pool for players who average between 59-68 and C pool for players who average 69 and above).
• A weekly cash payout, a cash CTP for each pool, an ace pot and a season long points event.
• Buying a tag saves you $2/week. Visiting non-taggers can still play and get in on the cash payout but can't compete for a tag.
• You must be a tag holder to collect the ace pot
• Wednesdays, starting March 13th
• Be ready to go at 4:15. Time will move according to sunset.
• Initial cost: $20 for 2013 tag
• We will do a skills challenge at the end of the night as soon as daylight allows

Weekly cost
• Tagholder: $5 -
$2 payout, $1 course funds, $.50 CTP, $.50 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout (during PDGA league that fee will come from this pot)

• Non-Tagholder: $7 -
$2 payout, $3 course funds, $.50 CTP, $.50 ace pot, $1 season points event & payout (during PDGA league that fee will come from this pot)

• No handicaps.
• One round of singles
• If you leave before tags are redistributed, get someone to grab it for you or risk us losing it.
• Tags are in play for casual rounds and tournaments. Higher tag can challenge a lower tag and under most circumstances, lower tag must accept. All non-league tag exchanges MUST be reported to me by email -
• Ace pot rolls over each week. If there are no aces for 2013, half goes to the course maintenance/insurance fund and half goes to the 2014 WW ace pot.
• Two CTPs, one for A pool and one for B/C pool.
• There will be a year-end Bag Tag Bonanza to end the season.

Points Series Rules
• I will track points for each player & post the up to date standings on this discussion thread
• A, B & C Pools will have separate standings
• 1st place in each pool gets 4 points
• 2nd place in each pool gets 3 points
• 3rd place in each pool gets 2 points
• Everyone else gets 1 point for playing
• If you move up a division at any point in the division 80% of your accumulated points will travel with you to the new pool. If you move down, full points are moved.
• Top 3 (or more) in points will win a cash prize at the end of the season.
• Other ways to gain a point - hit an ace/win the nightly CTP/win the skills challenge

PDGA Round Ratings
At some point over the summer we will probably take advantage of a 12 week period where your league round will count towards your PDGA rating (if you are a current PDGA member). More info later on this.