Monday, December 17, 2012

Order a Devens Disc Golf Sweatshirt!

I just wanted to make you aware that Devens Disc Golf will be doing a one time run of sweatshirts with one of the new course logos:

The sweatshirt will be brown with the full logo on the back and "Devens Disc Golf" on the front breast. Very similar to the Team Challenge sweatshirts you may have seen around lately with the exception of the color change and some wording changes as well.

I'll be ordering some tshirts with the same colors and designs as well and we will begin selling those at league in March. In order to get the order in soon and use the sweatshirt during the winter months I am asking that we do preorders for the sweatshirt only.

Please get your order in to me with # of sweatshirts required as well as the size (s). You can email me, facebook, text, whatever!

The cost for each sweatshirt will be $35.00 with all proceeds going to future course improvements/expansions.

I will be ordering shortly on New Years Day so, please, if you want a sweatshirt please get your info (name and sizes) to me now!

Spread the word.


PS - Tshirts will be $20.00 but no need to preorder those.